Case Comments

The Case Comments section of the Fourth Circuit Survey is a collection of analytical case comments on principal decisions from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.  These comments are more substantive and have greater depth than the Case Summaries.  The South Carolina Law Review will consider submissions by professors, practitioners, judicial law clerks, and law students.  If you are interested in submitting a comment for publication, please contact [email protected].

Volume 64

United States v. Dinkins Ruth A. Moyer 2013
WEC Carolina Energy Solutions, LLC v. Mlller Stephen Wills Murphy 2013
Decohen v. Capital Once, N.A. Tamara Mary Van Pala 2013
United States v. Hamilton Jennifer Butler Routh 2013
United States v. Lawson Brittany M. McIntosh 2013

Volume 63

Bryan Brothers, Inc. v. Continental Casualty Co. Joshua A. Bennett 2012
Henry v. Purnell Stephen Wills Murphy 2012
Aziz v. Alcolac, Inc C. Alexander Cable 2012
Kowalski v. Berkeley County Schools Margaret A. Hazel 2012
Doe v. Obama Sara I. Salehi 2012
West Virginia ex rel. McGraw v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Marshall P. Walker 2012

Volume 62

Richard I. Simons
Anthony Michael Kreis
Telly H. Davakos
Joshua A. Bennett
Susanna C. Brailsford
Marghretta A. Hargood
Michael Greene
Carmel Matin
William Crum McKinney