Peer Reviewed Scholarship Marketplace

The South Carolina Law Review is pleased to announce the creation of the Peer Reviewed Scholarship Marketplace (PRSM). PRSM is the next generation for article submission to student-edited legal journals, taking advantage of subject matter experts to review articles prior to submission. PRSM is based on a model tested by the South Carolina Law Review’s Peer Review Pilot Program, which ultimately led to the publication of a special Peer Review Issue (Volume 60, Book 4). For more information on our experience with the Peer Review Pilot Program and the creation of PRSM, please click here.


Member journals receive peer reviewed articles as well as reviews to guide editors in the article selection process at no cost to the journal and with no obligation to publish. Member journals simply make offers as they would with any article submitted to them in the past. PRSM only supplements the journal’s current submission process, providing an additional method to receive peer reviewed articles.

We are currently soliciting journals to join PRSM. If your journal is interested, please contact our Peer Review Editor, Phillip Mullinnix, at [email protected].

For more information about PRSM, please visit our website.


For the protection of our reviewers’ time and effort, PRSM asks that authors submit articles exclusively to PRSM for the duration of the peer review process. Reviewers will, however, take no longer than six weeks. While peer review will slightly delay the submission process, the reviews are worth the delay. Student editors, who before had only an author’s resume and their limited experience to guide them in article selection, will now receive the benefit of reviews by subject matter experts.

If you are in the process of writing an article and would like to learn more about the benefits of peer review, please contact our Peer Review Editor, Phillip Mullinnix, at [email protected].


If you have expertise in an area of the law and would like to contribute to the improvement of legal scholarship as a reviewer, please contact our Peer Review Editor, Phillip Mullinnix, at [email protected]. Reviews will be kept anonymous as part of our double blind methodology. Also, we will not ask a reviewer to review more than one article in a given year.