Current Volume

Volume 70, Issue 3

Spring 2019 (Forthcoming)

Exploring Legal and Policy Responses to Opioids: America’s Worst Public Health Emergency

By: James G. Hodge, Jr., Chelsea L. Gulinson, Leila F.S. Barraza, Walter G. Johnson, Drew Hensley & Haley R. Augur

A Prescription for Disaster: How Local Governments’ Abuse of Public Nuisance Claims Wrongly Elevates Courts and Litigants Into a Policy Making Role and Subverts the Equitable Administration of Justice

By: The Honorable Luther J. Strange, III

The Current State of Opioid Litigation

By: Richard C. Ausness

The Opioid Crisis and the Federal Death Penalty

By: J. Richard Broughton

The Opioid Litigation Unicorn

By: Nicolas P. Terry

Washington, D.C.’S Heroin Epidemic of the 1970s and Today’s Opioid Crisis: A Comparative History of Government Policy Responses

By: Brian G. Gilmore

Drug-Induced Homicide: Challenges and Strategies in Criminal Defense

By: Valena E. Beety, Alex Kreit, Anne Boustead, Jeremiah Goulka, & Leo Beletsky

Opioid Crisis and the Law: An Examination of Efforts Made in Criminal Defense

By: Jennifer L. Brinkley

State Benchmark Plan Coverage of Opioid Use Disorder Treatments and Services: Trends and Limitations

By: Stacey A. Tovino

All Hands On Deck: The Case for Incorporating Medically-Assisted Treatment Into the Criminal Justice System in South Carolina

By: Joseph Y. Shenkar

Utilizing Pharmacists and Education Services to Promote Proper Use of Opioids Across South Carolina

By: Kayce M. Shealy, Erika E. Tillery, Cheryl A. Anderson, Katelyn L. Cheek

Volume 70, Issue 2

Winter 2018

Legal Structures in a Game Of Thrones: The Laws of the First Men and Those That Followed

By: David P. Weber

A Devilishly Daring Gambit: A Partial Roadmap Through the Federal Common Law Of Disqualification in a Newly Modeled World

By: Amir Shachmurove

In Defense of the Billable Hour: A Monitoring Theory of Law Firm Fees

By: Jonathan H. Choi

Two Approaches to the Modern Reality of Temporary Cross-Border Legal Practice: The United States and the European Community

By: Jonathan B. Brown

Scholars and Our Craft

By: William Gangi

Oversight, Charter Schools, and a Thorough and Efficient System of Public Education

By: Susan L. DeJarnatt

Volume 70, Issue 1

Fall 2018

Understanding the Crime–Fraud Exception to the Attorney–Client Privilege and Work Product Immunity

By: Douglas R. Richmond

College Esports: A Model for NCAA Reform 

By: Thomas A. Baker III & John T. Holden

Stories of Experience: Economic Inequality in Mediation 

By: Robert Rubinson

Avoiding the Wrecking Ball of a Disastrous Cross Examination: Nine Principles for Effective Cross Examinations with Supporting Empirical Evidence 

By: Harry M. Caldwell & Deanne S. Elliot

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Continuity ia Transition Year 

By: Mike Koehler