Past Volumes

Volume 68: Issue 5

Access to Justice
Bringing Equal Justice under Law to South Carolina: Addressing the Civil Justice Gap and Confronting the Legal Ultimatum
Whitney Kamerzel

Child Abuse Law
Criminal and Civil Liability for Failure to Report Suspected Child Abuse in South Carolina
Megan Clemency

Criminal Law
Coram Nobis and State v. Stinney: Why South Carolina Should Revitalized America’s Legal Hail Mary
Kathleen M. Bure

Evidence Law
Whether You like It or Not Your Likes Are out: An Analysis of Nonverbal Internet Conduct in the Hearsay Context
Olivia A. League

Food Regulation
Something’s Fishy: Combatting Seafood Fraud and Mislabeling in South Carolina
Abigail A. Carson

Human Trafficking Law
Land of the Free, Home of the Slave: Human Trafficking Legislation in South Carolina
Caroline A. Ross

Property Law
“Hunnuh Mus’ Tek Cyare da Root fa Heal da Tree”: Saving the South Carolina Lowcountry from Overdevelopment through Judicial Application of a Modern Public Trust
Derek Tarver

Veterans’ Justice
“Never Again”: Correcting the Administrative Abandonment of Vietnam Veterans with other than Honorable Discharges Induced by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Claire Voegele