Volume 64 Preview – Book 3

The Practice of Law in the 21st Century:
The Intersection of Law & Technology


Inadvertent Production of Privileged Information in Discovery in Federal Court: The Need for Well-Drafted Clawback Agreements
-Nathan M. Crystal

A Pragmatic Approach to Discovery Reform: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Civil Discovery
-Hon. Paul W. Grimm & David S. Yellin

Do You Really Want All that E-Discovery?
-Hon. Shiva V. Hodges

Keeping the Inference in the Adverse Inference Instruction: Ensuring the Instruction Is an Effective Sanction in Electronic-Discovery Cases
-Wm. Grayson Lambert

Fifty Shades of Sanctions: What Hath the Goldsmith’s Apprentice Wrought?
-Justin M. Woodard, Grace A. Cleveland, and the Hon. David C. Norton

Risk Aversion, Risk Management, and the “Overpreservation” Problem in Electronic Discovery
-Kenneth J. Withers

Bleeding Data in a Pool of Sharks: The Anathema of Privacy in a World of Digital Sharing & Electronic Discovery
-Derek S. Witte

Predictive Coding: Emerging Questions and Concerns
-Charles Yablon & Nick Landsman-Roos