Volume 68: Issue 3

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The Pre-Furman Juvenile Death Penalty in South Carolina: Young Black Life Was Cheap 
Sheri Lynn Johnson; John H. Blume; Hannah L. Freedman

If Its Walks like Systematic Exclusion and Quacks like Systematic Exclusion: Follow-up on Removal of Women and African-Americans in Jury Selection in South Carolina Capital Cases, 1997-2014 
Ann M. Eisenberg; Amelia Courtney Hritz; Caisa Elizabeth Royer; John H. Blume

Random If Not Rare: The Eighth Amendment Weaknesses of Post-Miller Legislation 
Kimberly Thomas

Dear John, You Are a Human Trafficker 
Mary Graw Leary

Giving Guidance to the Guidelines 
Jelani Jefferson Exum

A Lost Opportunity for Sentencing Reform: Plea Bargaining and Barriers to Effective Assistance 
Margareth Etienne

Exploring the Parameters of a Child’s Right to Redemption: Some Thoughts 
Katherine Hunt Federle

A Meaningful Opportunity for Release: Resentencing Hearings for Juvenile Offenders Sentenced to Life without Parole following Aiken v. Byars
Robert M. Dudek


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