Volume 68: Issue 4

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Constitutional Law
When Political Domination Becomes Racial Discrimination: NAACP v. McCrory and the Inextricable Problem of Race in Politics 
Atiba R. Ellis

A Dime for Your Time: A Case for Compensating the Wrongfully Convicted in South Carolina 
Chelsea N. Evans

Flying over the Cuckoo’s Nest: How the Mentally Ill Landed into an Unconstitutional Punishment in South Carolina 
Elle Klein

To Have and to Hold: Factors to Consider before Divorcing South Carolina from the Concealed Weapons Permit Requirement 
Joseph D. Spate

Domestic Violence Law
State of Fear: Domestic Violence in South Carolina 
Matthew Robins

Health Law
Talking Telemedicine and Terminology: The South Carolina Telemedicine Act
Creasie M. Parrott

Pay-for-Delay: How Brand-Name and Generic Pharmaceutical Drug Companies Collude and Cost Consumer Billions 
Raymond J. Prince

Judicial Selection
Judicial Selection in South Carolina: Is the Time Ripe for Systematic Restructuring and Improvement: You Be the Judge 
Ronald T. Scott

Patent Law
Stopping the Troll Tax: An Analysis of the Patent Troll Issue and South Carolina’s Bad Faith Assertion of Patent Infringement Act 
Jonathan Todd

Property Law
Shirley We Can Figure This out: The Continued Confusion Surrounding Prescriptive Easement 
Ethan B. Clark

To Be or Not to Airbnb: Regulation of Short-Term Rentals in South Carolina 
Grant Wills

White Collar Crime
Holes in the Triple Canopy: What the Fourth Circuit Got Wrong
Joan H. Krause


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