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Volume 70, Issue 4

Weekly Fourth Circuit Summaries

Week 37

Barnes v. Thomas (Floyd 9/12/2019): The Fourth Circuit held that a juror’s external communication with her pastor regarding whether she could impose the death penalty without violating her religious beliefs resulted in actual prejudice to the defendant. The Court reasoned that the defendant was actually prejudiced because the juror shared her pastor’s counsel with the other jurors in order to convince them to impose the death penalty. . . .

Week 36

Gordon v. Schilling (King, by designation 9/4/2019): The Fourth Circuit vacated and remanded the district court’s award of summary judgment in favor of Virginia Department of Corrections’ Health Services Director and Chief Physician, finding genuine issues of material fact as to whether defendants’ actions constituted deliberate indifference in violation of the plaintiff’s Eighth Amendment rights. . . .

United States v. Curry (Richardson 9/5/2019): In Curry, the Fourth Circuit reversed the district court’s order suppressing evidence on Fourth Amendment grounds and remanded the case for further proceedings. . . .

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