Current Issue

Volume 70, Issue 1

Understanding the Crime–Fraud Exception to the Attorney–Client Privilege and Work Product Immunity

By: Douglas R. Richmond

College Esports: A Model for NCAA Reform 

By: Thomas A. Baker III & John T. Holden

Stories of Experience: Economic Inequality in Mediation 

By: Robert Rubinson

Avoiding the Wrecking Ball of a Disastrous Cross Examination: Nine Principles for Effective Cross Examinations with Supporting Empirical Evidence 

By: Harry M. Caldwell & Deanne S. Elliot

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Continuity ia Transition Year 

By: Mike Koehler

Weekly Fourth Circuit Summaries

Week 36

Day v. Johns Hopkins Health Sys. Corp. (Wilkinson 10/26/2018): The Fourth Circuit held that an expert witness protected from liability based on their testimony under the Witness Litigation Privilege. . . .

S.C. v. U.S. (Niemeyer 10/26/2018): The Fourth Circuit affirmed a District Court’s granting of summary judgment regarding the Department of Energy’s (hereinafter “DOE”) failure to comply with federal statutory obligations regarding the removal of plutonium from South Carolina. . . .

Week 37

U.S. v. Ketter (Motz 11/8/2018): The Fourth Circuit affirmed a district court’s variance from sentencing guidelines in its sentencing of a defendant, finding that the variance did not affect any substantial rights of the defendant when the judge’s reasoning for the variance was explicit in the record. . . .

U.S. v. Thomas Ferguson (Harris 11/8/2018): The Fourth Circuit found that evidence found in a suspected child pornographer’s phone was admissible, under the good faith exception to the exclusionary rule, when the searching officer had “an objectively reasonable belief” that there was probable cause for the search and so relied on an issued warrant. . . .

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