The South Carolina Law Review is the principal legal publication in South Carolina.  It is also the oldest legal publication in the state, founded in 1948.  The Law Review traces its roots to 1831, during the brief existence of the Carolina Bar Journal, which was published in Columbia, South Carolina, before the Civil War.  Today, the Law Review is the flagship legal publication at the University of South Carolina School of Law.

The South Carolina Law Review has two main purposes: (1) to publish an authoritative legal journal and (2) to provide members with practical experience in legal writing and analysis. Additionally, the Law Review hosts an annual legal symposium for practicing lawyers, legal scholars, and the community at large. 

Second and third-year law students independently select articles for publication, manage the editorial process from draft to print, and oversee all operational aspects of the Law Review. The Editorial Board is comprised of members in their third year of law school. As part of the Editorial Staff, second-year members gain valuable practical experience in legal writing, research, and analysis through first-level editing and completion of a student work. Law Review members have the opportunity to publish a student note or comment in the Survey of South Carolina Law, an annual special issue of the Law Review addressing recent state and national legal developments and their impact on South Carolina law.