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Members of the South Carolina Law Review are anonymously selected from rising second-year students who participate in either the Joint Journal Writing Competition in the spring or the Transfer Student Journal Competition in the fall. Members are selected based on a composite score that includes first-year grade point average and performance in the writing competition. The writing competition generally consists of a written legal memorandum and a set of editing problems.


For over sixty-five years, the South Carolina Law Review and its predecessor publications have chronicled legal education and scholarship in South Carolina. As the Year Book of the Selden Society, then as the South Carolina Law Quarterly and then the South Carolina Law Review, the publication has mirrored and aided the development of legal scholarship in South Carolina, while reporting the growth of the University of South Carolina School of Law and the South Carolina Bar.

Since 1937, the publication has progressed from a provincial chronicle of law school events to an established academic journal with a worldwide readership. Over time, the publication has gradually gained autonomy from those institutions that supported and funded its creation. Through article selection, issue advocacy, editorial opinion and institutional ambition, student editors at the University of South Carolina Joseph F. Rice School of Law have influenced the last fifty years of legal practice in South Carolina.

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–Eli Poliakoff

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No article published by the South Carolina Law Review may be copied or distributed for any educational or other use without the express written consent of the South Carolina Law Review and the author. For questions regarding the South Carolina Law Review Reprint Policy or to request permission to reprint any article, contact: