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Photo of a Law Library

SCLR Alumni Spotlight

Sarah Leverette

PhotoHandler.ashx (2)At the recent South Carolina Law Review Alumni Event in Columbia this past March, students and alumni had the pleasure of meeting or catching up with Ms. Sarah Leverette, a 1943 University of South Carolina School of Law graduate and former member of the Selden Society Year Book, the predecessor of the South Carolina Law Quarterly and the South Carolina Law Review.

Ms. Leverette, born December 30, 1920, in Iva, South Carolina, was not always set on a career in the law.  After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina, she considered pursuing a degree in either medicine or law.  While she would have undoubtedly excelled at either pursuit, the South Carolina legal community is fortunate that she chose the path she did.

 Ms. Leverette’s first job after graduating magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina School of Law was as a legal researcher for the S.C. Department of Labor, but she was soon persuaded by the Dean to return to the Law School to accept a position as a librarian and legal writing and research instructor.  Read more