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Publication Announcement

Volume 65, Book 4
Summer 2014

The Board of Editors of the South Carolina Law Review would like to congratulate the following students whose manuscripts were selected for publication in this summer’s Survey of South Carolina Law:

Noah Glen Allen
Financial Disclosures and Fist-Fighting:
“Disorderly Behavior” in the South Carolina General Assembly
Brigid Benincasa
Protecting Our Children:
A Reformation of South Carolina’s Homicide by Child Abuse Laws
 Benjamin Dudek
Rebutting the “Strong Presumption of Reliability” for Effective Assistance:
The Pursuit of Cumulative Analysis for Strickland Claims in South Carolina
Jacob Henerey
Where Have You Been?:
Your Phone Knows (and So Might the Police)
Jennifer Jokerst
Let the Sun Shine:
Reforming South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act to
Promote Transparency and Open Government
Todd R. Lyle
Phantom Damages and the Collateral Source Rule:
How Recent Hyper-Inflation in Medical Costs Disturbs South Carolina’s
Application of the Collateral Source Rule
 James Sterling
Remote Sales and Use Tax Law:
How Proposed Law Will Impact South Carolina
John Furman Wall, IV
The Veterans Treatment Court Program Act:
South Carolina’s Opportunity to Provide Services for Those Who Have Served
Samantha R. Wilder
The Road Paved with Gravel:
The Encroachment of South Carolina’s Judiciary Through Legislative Judicial Elections
Stephen Harrison Williams
Consumers and Remedies:
Do Limitation of Liability Clauses Do More Harm Than Good?

Additionally, the following essays and case comments will appear in Volume 65’s Fourth Circuit Survey:

Preemption and United States v. South Carolina:
Undermining Our Nation’s Border and the Constitution’s Border Between State and
The Honorable George E. Campsen, III
Chairman, Senate Fish, Game, & Forestry Committee
South Carolina Senate
Blurred Lines:
Distinguishing Between Procedural and Substantive Rules for Purposes of Retroactivity on Collateral Review
Ryan C. Grover
B.A., Wofford College; J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law;
Law Clerk, Senior U.S. District Judge Henry M. Herlong, Jr.
Weakening the “Ripeness Trap” for Federal Takings Claims:
Sansotta v. Town of Nags Head and Town of Nags Head v. Toloczko
Michael B. Kent, Jr.
B.A., University of Alabama; J.D., University of Georgia School of Law;
Associate Professor of Law, Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law
To Lien Strip or Not to Lien Strip:
Fourth Circuit Blesses Controversial “Chapter 20” Valueless Lien Stripping in
In re Davis
Timothy M. Todd, Jr.
B.S., M.S., Liberty University; J.D., Liberty University School of Law; Assistant Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law
Observations on MacDonald v. Moose
Kevin C. Walsh
A.B., Dartmouth College; M.A., University of Notre Dame; J.D., Harvard Law School;
Associate Professor of Law, University of Richmond School of Law