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Volume 64 Preview – Book 3

The Practice of Law in the 21st Century:
The Intersection of Law & Technology


Inadvertent Production of Privileged Information in Discovery in Federal Court: The Need for Well-Drafted Clawback Agreements
Nathan M. Crystal

A Pragmatic Approach to Discovery Reform: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Civil Discovery
Hon. Paul W. Grimm & David S. Yellin

Do You Really Want All that E-Discovery?
Hon. Shiva V. Hodges

Keeping the Inference in the Adverse Inference Instruction: Ensuring the Instruction Is an Effective Sanction in Electronic-Discovery Cases
Wm. Grayson Lambert

Fifty Shades of Sanctions: What Hath the Goldsmith’s Apprentice Wrought?
Justin M. Woodard, Grace A. Cleveland, and the Hon. David C. Norton

Risk Aversion, Risk Management, and the “Overpreservation” Problem in Electronic Discovery
Kenneth J. Withers

Bleeding Data in a Pool of Sharks: The Anathema of Privacy in a World of Digital Sharing & Electronic Discovery
Derek S. Witte

Predictive Coding: Emerging Questions and Concerns
Charles Yablon & Nick Landsman-Roos