Tagged: Sentencing

Week 23 (2020)

In Parkway 1046, LLC v. U.S. Home Corp., the Fourth Circuit held Parkway’s contract claim accrued in April 2017 when U.S. Home refused to reimburse Parkway; that Parkway’s award of prejudgment interest dates back to April 2017; and that Parkway could not receive attorney’s fees because it was not a “party” under the terms of the agreement.

Week 11 (2020)

In United States v. Gary, the Fourth Circuit held that a defendant may not knowingly or intelligently enter a guilty plea when the defendant does not understand the essential elements of the offense.

Week 10 (2020)

In United States v. Jackson, the Fourth Circuit held that a district court may, in exercise of its discretion, consider the amount of “banked” time a defendant would receive when reducing that defendant’s sentence.